2018.07.09. Mondays

Today was a perfect Monday. I had to sleep long before doing anything because the whole Sunday passed without sleeping the night before.

On Sunday we had a lángos in the morning with M. which was so amazing. then looking for sandals and or slippers was a great way of passing time, however the best part of the day was having a delicious ice coffee with together with K. It was long ago that we sat together this way, just the three of us. Talking about the future and relationships is really important. I am blessed that I could spend such an amazing time with them. I could even visit F. and had a nice tea and long conversation about the changes that are happening in our lives. The cherry on the top was to have a meeting with the guys about the Kör, and to see where we are. At 22.00 I fell asleep and slept until 10 am. Woke up with a head and throat ache. Did not want that, so I decided to take a cold shower and clean up the living room and the kitchen. Then having a nice conversation with the family helped a lot as well.

Lucky enough I have friends, and I could invite P. for lunch to the Indian restaurant of the city. Kecskemét is a cool place, we even have that.

In the afternoon, I payed all the bills of the internet, even from the previous house and the one where we are now, and met with a group of younger people in the city who wanted to know something about Erasmus plus. What could have been better to continue with than a coffee with L., who is about to become a good friend of mine.

Life is full of surprises. In the afternoon, when I was still at the post office O. called me to meet with her, so we walked and had a nice small dinner and a motivating conversation. Blessed to have done that much today. Even read a few pages in my bed. It was long ago that I could enjoy this fruitful habit of reading before sleeping.

Now, there is a noise downstairs. One of the guys is playing on the computer in the living room, and the sounds of it keeps me awake. It feels disappointing. I do not want to have this feeling before going to bed. I forgot to buy flowers to him that he wanted to have. The regret and the shame mixed in me, however he did not want to help that.

Already midnight. Tomorrow I am going to wake up at 6 for the first time after 2 month. Interested to go to work, and to learn something new, after waking up with the Sun.

At the end of the day, there is one question that keeps me awake: how can we help each other to learn and to feel better tomorrow?

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