2018.01.16. Milestones

The life is like a sin graph. That is a fact with all its waves and mountains.

There are milestones, that can give a nice feedback. They say, that we gave reached a point where we tend to be conscious about the consequences that our acts have. 

Taking responsibility is full of consequences. Paying the bills, having a schedule, doing errands and all the small details are trying to weigh us down.

Though, arts, music, dance, emotions and love are the amazing boosts behind these responsibilities. I love my jobs. I love to be with people. I love music, and dance. 

Yesterday was the first time that I went to a Hungarian Folk dance lesson, which was difficult but joyful. 

There are moments in life where pictures cannot say enough and provide the exact impact as the experience itself. 

I am happy to have more and more moments like that day to day.

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