2018.01.11. Magyar rondo

Thursday is a chill day from many aspects. 

I am not in Budapest, but enjoy Kecskemét and the love of its people. I had breakfast with a few of them, K, T. À. and R., which gave a huge motivation about how to go further on the way even though I did not speak at all. The more I read and see, the more I can enjoy the silence.

I have to wait for my time to speak. 

After that I went to Eleven, where I have not been in the past year. Nice conversation with I. about the processes on all walks of life.

From noon I had an appointment for massage, that gave me so much strength. It hurt, on several points of my body, but for a reason.

I got confirmation about the way to go. The mind is already on its way, but my body needs more yoga and more vegetables and fruit. 

Everybody needs more fruit and happiness from health. 

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