2018.01.08. Fifteen minutes


It has happened already many times that I scarcely cought my train, but now I am 15 minutes early. As if I wanted the time to pass faster.

There are days where not that much happen. This weekend and so far today is also like this. It is a perfect occasion to be grateful for the calm place I have, and the nice people around me. Enjoying the work is also a possibility, as well as getting ready for the times where it actually gets busy. 

Normally I am looking forward to any morning, but now Tuesday is going to be a special day. 

With P. we have long conversations about love and it is just amazing how amazing love can be. 

At the meantime music is also a love. I played the violin yesterday and it felt so good. Even though I only listen to it most of the time, I still improve. 

What if I actually had more effort in that?

Maybe 15 minutes a day? 

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