2018.01.04. Call it a day (or two) 

09.53. One would think that life is so slow, and it happens with me as well especially on Thursdays, that I am bit more lazy, I tend to stay in bed longer, just like today, but I suppose that is when my body has the time to rebel a bit against the system that we use. Waking up 5.40 every other morning is a bit tiring.

However, around 10 o clock it would be a bit too early to to call today a day, though I have my plans for it, but this time it is the previous two days that I mean.

Tuesday went super cool. I had lunch with O. After giving a lot, and not having enough feedback I got a bit tired, and it is always a pleasure to speak with him and see the bright side of life for a moment. Tuesday went super also because I bought 2 big A/2 paper and a few markers, and with F. we did make the goals and plans for 2018.

If you have never grabbed a marker before and done it, you can do it anytime. I am not going to use any adjective to describe how it feels to see all your goals next to each other. 

One picture about the beginning.

Wednesday passed also as fast as a lightning. Going to Budapest, working until 2.30, then doing some test for the driving license and having a nice walk in Budapest with T. The little we know how amazing goals do people around us have.

Walking back kind of next to the river side, in the rain, saw the Parliament, which is really fascinating with all the lights, but at the same time it is controversial to feel and know what kind of decisions are made there. 

On the small street next to Jászai Mari tér, had 15 minutes more until I met N. a friend of mine, and went into an antique shop. 

Check out the photos about all the hidden ‘treasures’ they had there.

The person working there tried to convince me that this violin was genuine Stradivari. Let’s just say We cannot know. It was really nice to play on it a few notes though.

Also having met N, we had a nice bubble te(?) or how it is called which was an experience to have. I did not indicate whether a good or a bad one. Just stick to that.

Walking through the city and going to a Baranta training in Budapest is surely special. Never before did I have a long rode in my hands, which made it a bit difficult to use them, but surely one strongly useful skill to have. Of course it still has to improve a lot. 

Catching the train back to Kecskemét, and being a bit lazy I just watched 3 episodes of Friends. I am a fan, and just cannot stop that.

Getting of the train there was M and his friend, and we decided to have something to eat as i was really hungry, and they were thirsty for a beer. Also had a nice conversation with the lady working there. 

Being home late after 23.00 is not a goal to do, as normally I sleep this time but after talking with P. as well for an hour at least, could not help that I woke up at 9.25 

Already have my list together for today and tomorrow as well.

Just an old music that I have not listened for a while:

I got rythm, I got sunlight, 

I got my love who could ask for anything more? 


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