2018.01.02. Morning

Today is Tuesday. I woke up at 08.36, after sleeping 8 hours and still feel tired a bit physically, which is no wonder besides the fact, that I worked on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday as well, which was combined with my trains being late, not sleeping my average 7 hours, walking around in Budapest, sleeping in a hostel, and having a really nice conversation yesterday with my sister and P.

As I woke up, I did the routine I am trying to get used to, and wrote my dreams down, so that it stays, and later on I can see, what my brain thinks when Itt processes all the impulse that I get during the days. 

Meanwhile I am enjoying the sound of the raindrops on our windows, listening to P. Still sleeping, and trying to process what I went through during the night, I hear a huge noise. 

A child is crying. Most likely he got hit by the mother whose voice is crashing through the walls of the house. 

Shouting, crying, stress, pain, aggression.


Why is it still a method? Why cannot we simply educate people emotionally and raise them to have empathy?

Why should people live between these conditions?

Why is that in the majority of the Hungarian citizens considers hitting a child a raising method. 

Scars, pain, Hopelessness 

That is all this situation can cause. 

And what can I do? I cannot walk by and give them a lesson about empathy! 

That can be one aim of a my projects, and plans for this year already. Organise and be responsible for projects where people can learn these skills. Maybe start an entrepreneurship about being a trainer and helping these kind of people ad well. 

I want to help. I want to make a change. 

I want people to enjoy mornings, just like I got to enjoy them. 

Morning. Good morning. 

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