2017.12.31. Love is a Law / A szeretet a törvény


The last day of the year is today. There are many people making a huge party out of these occasions, but in fact this is the same kind of day then what we have the whole year.

Yesterday I went to the birthday of a really good friend of mine. We were in Grund, so I stayed in Budapest in the hostel that is really friendly. I love the stuff there.

Funny facts, how life can organise everything for us. Walking back to te company, for my luggage, and the way back to the hostel I met M. We met in The Hague and have not seen each other for more than half a year.

Life is beauty.

However I got back to the hostel around 1.40, so I could not sleep enough, which is a weak point of mine, but energy just flows around.

I have been walking down the street from Arany János utca to Deák Ferenc tér, when a father and son asks me because of my big bag, where do I travel and where am I from? Funny question as I am from here and they were here from India for a holiday.

Meanwhile listening to this chilling music.


Their smile and the nice small conversation we had was amazing.
Now heading to a planning meeting, which is going to be undoubtedly fruitful.
Once again. Life is beauty.

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