2017.12.22. About the biggest truth

Reading is really important, and I am grateful for the fact, I have the possibility to read. The following are quotes from morning motivational videos. Never thought I would ever become a person that watches such videos as first in the morning, but indeed they are eye-opening:

“How you make your money is more important than how much you make”

“You are never going to be ready to make that hard decision, you are never going to feel like getting out of bed.”

Why do we wait with having a good life? Why do we make this system, that is full of disappointment and lacks happiness, alive?

In the “Grass book” from Weöres Sándor my favourite qoute is about compulsions:

“In my whole life they want me to talk about everything i do not know,
And they want me to tay quiet about the things I know”ű


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