2017.12.19. Quality time

Time to time i have to admit how my preference changes regarding my time.
Yesterday night I was on the Christmas meeting of the organization I am the vice president of. I knew surely that it would take long, and I had to take a bed in a hostel that I like, but still, I could not stick to my daily routine and had to give up a bit of comfort about that.
It was very difficult. Being an entrepreneur is not easy.

Time is the most important value that we can have as humans. All the events of our lives become valuable after you make efforts and take time to do them.

A perfect example was this Sunday. I cleaned up the whole flat, which is good. A clean environment helps a lot, but the best part of the day was the fact that we walked abround 4 hours with Z. I am greatful to have her company time to time when she is free.

Besides all it turned out that:

  • The arboretum is not open for 3 weeks during the winter, so we walked 2 hours for the closed doors.
  • There is a huge park and an arboretum as well in Kecskemét.
  • Vegetables and fruit are both of huge importance
  • A smile has no language barrier

Even when life gets hard, it is still beautiful because of all these moments.

Thank you


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