2017.12.14. About people and beliefs

The more I have the chance, the more I have to realise how similarly different all the humans are!

On the conference we had the chance to meet Trunk Tamás who is an influencer, and most importantly a motivated person that takes action to make Hungary a better place as well. Before him there was Sas István as well who talked about this generation and all the difference we have between us. After all the whole day at the conference and the conversation we had with I. I had to admit how many wise people do I have around me. They help on the way. This is how we grow bigger.

Just to give a bit of contrast, there are also people who have different wavelengths, and have difficulties with understanding not even the world but themselves. It is mostly challenging with these people to stop my heart trying to avoid their hearts. I can feel it, and this is without question a field where I still have to improve.

There is even an interference in some cases, but all the energy that comes to us, has a reason. The people who can believe, mostly have their own resource of energy. Luckily I feel like I believe as well. We are privileged to have such a nice life.

Did we deserve it? Are we in the place where we are supposed to be? Are their other lives?

As a French expression says:

On ne sait jamais

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