2017.12.12. About motivation 

In the last week I had the chance to talk with M. who is an amazing friend of mine in Mexico right now. It was on Wednesday that we spoke about 4 hours non stop. Happy to have her.

Last week I also bought and got my violin ready as I wanted to start playing music again, and violin seemed to be the cheapest and beautiful choice as well.  Despite of the negativity that we have around some people, it goes kind of okay. The fact that I have already played the piano and the guitar makes it easy. Actually I already see which voice I play and have the scales in my mind for that. I am planning to put a few videos maybe, to see the progress I am making. Nobody should tell you what you can be good at, or not. If I spent that 10.000 hours that I spent with playing League of Legends, I would play Paganini études already.

I can only advise to take that decision you want, and get ready to go on your way. 

While we were talking with M. she showed me a podcast on Spotify, called Beautiful Anonymus which is a program that is amazing. A random person who calls Chris Gethards, has an hour to talk about anything. As every day when I work in Budapest I talk with people who are on the phone, I already feel better talking with them, because I use a bit of comedy and empathy in my voice. Nobody really realises this, but I have minutes when I  am actually just laughing with a person on the phone about some IT question that they hate, and we make the day of each other bearable, or even amazing. Thank you Chris.

Just jumping around with all the thoughts on 9. December, so Saturday, after half a year I kind reached a moment when I finished with all the must do part of my to do list that I hate. It is an amazing feeling to get going.

And yes sometimes I feel really down, but life then I ask 3 simple questions that can help in creating an own way of fulfilment. (at least if you answer it and take action)

How can I grow?

What can I give?

How can I celebrate?

If you are interested why I pose this questions in the morning check out the video below. 

Even though normally I keep my posts short, it is 7.00 in the morning and creativity just hits me, besides the fact that my train from Budapest to Kecskemét had 100 minutes delay, after I had a 12 hour long work day, which made me sleep a bit less. 

So today with P. and I. and R. and V. we are heading to a national conference of a national umbrella organisation ‘New Generation’ – I have no expectations to this, but I hope it would worth the time that I do not spend practicing the violin and training my body.

Also on Sunday, having had a huge cleaning up in the flat with P. I decided to shave after a few months. It is strange, but to be able to see my face even years later, let’s just see how it looks like actually.

So that’s life right now. Going on the way, and enjoying every moment. Since success is not a destination, it is the way itself.


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