Keep a low profile

(A throwback from August) 

Even though I am not writing, the life just goes on. 

Today is 27th August. It has already been month ago that I moved back to Kecskemét. So far, it seems to be one of the best decisions made by me so far. 

  • I play football with friends.
  • I am working with Helpi again
  • I ride my bicycle around the city. It is amazing.

This weekend with a group of colleagues, we are in Paloznak. This weekend only, gave me so much strength to be motivated again. Amazing people normally motivate me. Maybe after this half year I start to believe that I am also one of them. It feels nice. 

On this weekend I think everyone is just such a huge intellectual individual, that I cannot even describe. Harrison is a man from Cameroon who worked for a same kind of company in his country and now he studies in Hungary. His most important characteristic is that he is one of the most humble man I have met so far. His self confidence is also perfect but his charisma is bright. 

He told me several stories about his past, which he does not do really often. The whole speech was like a Ted motivational talk.

Love this guy, just as I love the people I am working with. 

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